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R.J. Wood's first book series, The Voyages of Jake Flynn, follows the journey of a 12-year-old boy who discovers that life on Earth isn't as extraordinary as everyone thought. Transported by the mere power of a sailboat, Jake magically flies into space on a mission to find his long-lost parents. There he stumbles upon an entirely different galaxy filled with friends, foes, and even his own destiny.

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Blog Reviews of Destiny's Gambit

Destiny’s Gambit was fast paced, enjoyable adventurous sci-fi with creative world and smooth writing that all young reader would love to explore.
— Books Teacup and Reviews
The characters are fantastic and fun to read. The plot is solid and keeps with familiar beats while managing to feel fresh.
— Mandy Peterson's Publicly Private Thoughts
The characters are interesting and diverse, and the puzzles they face draw you in. I think younger readers, in particular, will really dig this story.
— I read too much! (Good Reads)
What I like most about Jake’s story is the well-thought-out plot and how action-packed it is.
— Life of A Simple Reader


Voyage #1: Destiny's Gambit

Twelve-year-old Jake Flynn's parents disappeared when he was a baby. On his twelfth birthday, the mystery of why his parents disappeared begins to unravel when he discovers a glowing talisman with a message from his father...

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