LAUNCH: Beyond the Moon!

I am very excited to announce the launch of Beyond the Moon, the second book in my Voyages of Jake Flynn series! I think readers will be pleased with this next book in the series. It brings the story arc started in the first book to conclusion and ignites the main overarching conflict between Jake and the forces of the Destroyer. I have noted that many readers of the first book have felt something was missing. What these readers are detecting is the fact that the first two books were actually written as one larger book. Beyond the Moon brings us the second half of that story and the original climax and finale. I hope that since this natively builds on the first book, the second will be found to be even more exciting and fill in a few of the blanks from the first book, Destiny’s Gambit. Finally free after five years from the original manuscript, I now have the opportunity to delve into new writing as I explore the possibilities for the third installment. If you have not given the series a chance, please do consider it, or at least as a gift to anyone you know who enjoys a good fantasy or science fiction story. Thanks to everyone who has supported me on this journey!

- R.J. Wood